Vince Genella has been working consistently in the music business for over 37 years. Recording, performing, teaching guitar and working as a clinician at trade shows and music stores all over the country. Over the years Vince has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some fantastic Artists such as Stuart Hamm, Larry Mitchell, Lou Pallo, Steve Vai, Johnny Highland, Ace Livingston and Greg Martin. 

As for influences, Vince admits his taste has developed into something far too broad to be identified by any single guitarist or style of music. “I listen to everything, not just the guitar: woodwinds, brass, keys, vocal phrasing, anything I can learn from!” This variety has given his style of writing and playing a depth and durability that does not fall apart after the third or fourth listen. 

His instrumental compositions are led by searing melodic technique and passionate, fiery leads through mature song-oriented hooks and progressions. Live, Vince combines straightforward lead guitar with a showman’s flair to create a dynamic on-stage presence. 

Currently Vince is recording his first solo CD, a collection of all instrumental guitar featuring some fantastic musicians. “I’m real excited about the way it’s coming together! On four tunes I have bassist Stuart Hamm (Steve Vai/Joe Satriani) laying down some monster grooves! There will be additional guest musicians TBA.” 

Besides performing live, Vince has played on recordings for artists and music library’s such as Bruton Music, BMG / Zomba Records and Firstcom. These recordings have been released and syndicated both nationally and internationally. He is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) aka The Grammy Foundation. Since 2009 Vince heads the teaching staff for a local School Of Music and is Music Director for their Band Programs. 

Over the past 37+ years as a teacher, Vince has taught hundreds of “kids of all ages” how to play guitar and bass, along with music theory. “I’m not sure exactly how many people I’ve taught over the years, but it's in the thousands. We figured out, between private lessons, teaching at high schools and music stores, I’ve given well over 70,000 individual lessons! A crazy number right? But I’ve been doing this full time for so many years now!” This amount of experience makes Vince a great guitar instructor. Vince also has an extensive background in the retail side of music as well. “I’ve also worked in music stores since 1986, I couldn’t picture doing anything else. Music is my life.” 

Whether teaching, recording or performing, Vince gets the job done and has a blast doing so! “It’s all about fun and the love of music. I’m grateful to be able to do what I love!”